About Digital Compliance

Back in 2003, you would have found us collecting vendor documentation and then serving it up electronically for financial institutions to download when their exam time rolled around. It’s worked. It’s been steady and we’ve helped a lot of banks and credit unions. And, that’s been our story … until now.

In 2012, the original team that established iPay Technologies was back at it again. This time focused on solving the problems of vendor management for banks and credit unions.

Being a technology vendor and serving financial institutions through the years, we’ve learned a few things about vendor management. We know it’s disjointed, messy and no one really has time to do it – but it’s oh so necessary and very much required when that examiner comes knocking at your door. Plus, we discovered that when vendor management is done right your risks are controlled, your service is improved and your dollars are saved.

So, we’ve taken what we’ve learned and poured all of our energy into designing and developing Venminder. It’s not so overwhelming that you can’t use the thing. It’s just right. It brings people, processes and everything you need to succeed at vendor management in one place. We’d like to think Venminder is vendor management done the easy way — the right way.

Genuine Service.

If you know anything about our team or anything about our history at all it’s that we’re all about genuine service. We’re smart, we’re innovative and we’ll build you some sweet technology, but we’re here to back it up whenever you need us. It’s what we’re all about and always will be.